Jagwar Ma – The Throw

The start of the song makes use of a high pass filter on the entire master track which consist of synths and drums and other instruments. You can hear it slowly get louder as well by slowing taking away the filter. While just a bar before the vocals come in, you can hear a vocal sample that is panned hard left and right that has reverb as well. The vocals are not filtered down but has alot of slap-back delay and reverb, which was sung on top of the filtered tracks. Slowly, the filter is taken away from the snare, that comes in randomly and you can hear the presence of the snare much more clearer, which is place in the center of the mix, not too far behind the mix. The song still sounds very-mid rangey till the point where the actual bass comes on with the drums. Just before the bass comes in, you can hear a slight droning guitar that has alot of reverb on it building it up to the drop of the bass, while the drums does a snare roll as well. When the bass comes in, you can hear the bass really upfront, that follows the beat of the kick drum. During the next verse you can hear the filter again, on the drum track for about 4 bars and the bass is lowered down in the mix as well to give space for the lead guitar to cut through the mix. You can also hear a synth-like sound that appears on the left and right of the track. The next part the kick drum is increased in volume and the snare’s filter is gone again. A new added hi-hat can be heard, that is very dry and cuts through the mix with its hi frequency hits, giving a good groove to the song. During the interlude, you can hear two vocal tracks doing different lines one panned on the left and one on the right. The left vocal line has more presence in the song, while the right is placed further behind and appears softer. While the vocals are doing that, the middle section of the mix, you can hear some percussive elements going on very clearly, along with droning guitars that made it very atmospheric and gave the ambient feel to the song. The droning guitar leads in to the drums again, it also has a harmonic effect on the guitar, which fades out mid-way through the other section. A vocal sample of “yeah yeah yeah” can be heard, even though it is EQed in a way that gave this distorted feel to it.

During the next section, the percussions were even clearer, the filters were gone and you can hear the different pannings going on. The dance kick drum can be heard in the center of the mix, you can hear the clap place further in the mix, almost very subtle. You can still hear the vocals fading out as the drums get more intense and a new vocal line is added, placed behind all the percussive elements. You can hear a synth line as well that is playing a rhythmic type melody, that increases in intensity as the build up gets heavier. The clap cuts out and you can hear a droning guitar line on the left and the synth line has more grit in it. During this part the vocals does a hi vocal line with alot of decay on it, and fades in to the next section with the claps back on.  A delayed vocal line can be heard that is panned all over the place, while the synth gets alittle softer and the drums get a little softer as well. The kick drum cuts out and a filter is added to it for about 4 bars, and then it kicks back in again but with a lesser impact. The song ends of with electronic type drums that wrapped up the whole build up.


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