Jack white – Missing Pieces

It starts out with a electric piano that is slight panned more towards the left, with a slight reverb decay that can be heard after each note. After 4 bars of that electric piano, drums and an electric guitar comes in playing the same riff. The electric guitar is panned right while the drums are also playing the same rhythmic pattern as the electric piano, making it seem like a build up. You can also hear the right cymbal being gently played after every pause, that rings out even once the drums comes back in. Another layer of guitar or maybe Bass comes in playing the same riff as well. It is panned in the middle with a slight reverb on it as well. The intro ends of with all the instruments holding a note but cuts out once the next line is introduced by the keys. You can hear a slight electric guitar playing softly at the background. Once jacks vocals comes in with the rest of the band, you can hear a snare roll. The snare has alot of weight to it and has some sort of reverb on it as well. Two guitars can be heard in this verse, one playing on the left of track and the other playing slightly away from the center and more to the left. The hi hat is panned left and changes over to the right during the pre-chorus part, that rings out perfectly with a good amount of reverb on it. Back up harmonies are introduced at this section, both panned hard left and right.

During the next part, it strips back to just the bass and the kick drum. You can also hear another keys sound panned and placed further away that the original keys sound. You can also hear a slide shimmering sound of a guitar on the left that is almost hard to notice if you dont listen clearly. A open hi-hat is introduced back for the verse and during that verse, it pretty much plays the same as the 1st verse.

After that you can hear a guitar solo, that is panned in the center with a classic overdriven sound and is highly compressed. Mid-way to the solo, a double guitar track is introduced panned to the left and you can hear it fade out back to the same pre-chorus section. You can also hear Jack white playing with his whamy bar that slowly fades in to that pre-chorus.

During this part, it slowly builds up first without drums and then the drums are introduced. You can hear the guitars building up on the right, which is place far behind the mix. Another vocal take could also be heard on the right, with reverb on it to introduce the piano solo. What is interesting during this Keys solo is that, you can hear the main key sound very close to you, which is panned left. There is another keys solo that is pushed far back in the mix, that gives this fullness to the keys solo, which was very essential to that part. During that part as well you can hear the drums further back in the mix, and the crash cymbals can be heard clearly. The song ends of with just the keys and the guitar, with Jack white singing and it ends of with the same riff, by firstly building it up for a second and then ending it off, leaving the listener to want more.


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