Bon Iver – Holocene

The song starts out with two acoustic guitars that are panned both left and right place very upfront in the mix.  You can also hear a subtle piano key bass note that comes in, along with a slide guitar that is placed further in the mix, with the use of reverb. The vocals later come in, that is slightly panned more to the left, however another layer can be heard mid right as well. The reverb of the vocals are panned in the middle, which gives this cool effect of the vocals collectively singing together even though panned away from each other. It also appears very close to the listener even though there is evidently a lot of reverb on the vocals, which i presume was used as an aux track that was panned in the middle of the mix. You can also hear a harmony vocal line that is placed in the center of the mix. The keys get louder as the drums come in, with a clap sound that is placed behind everything and a snare roll or a shaker that is washed out, simply just to give a taster of the rhythmic aspect of the song. And before the next verse again, the drums fades out and comes back in on the 2nd bar of the song. It comes in with a right cymbal and a cymbal crash that was panned left and mid-right respectively. What is interesting about this part is that there are 2 drum racks that are placed very well in the mix. The drums that is panned on the left doesnt play a snare roll while the one panned on the right plays a snare roll, giving this weird rhythmic texture to the song. The drums panned on the left is also playing hi-hats including the one panned on the right. Both drum tracks are placed behind the acoustic guitar through the use of reverb, pushing it just clear enough to hear but not too full on.

You can hear a clear bass line that comes in further in the song, that is panned both left and right. The bass then plays one note which cuts out all the drums, while holding the note. The vocals fade in, while you can hear a harmonica like sound that is auto panned left and right, while the acoustic guitar fades in slowly and gets louder and louder. The synth line is getting louder and fades in, while you can hear a hi-hat roll increasing in volume coming from the center of the mix. After which, a snare roll is introduced, which is also faded in and increased in volume. The reverb gets louder as well as it crashes in with cymbals. During the last outro, you can hear horns being played and you can hear the drums now pushed back further in the mix! The song ends off with the drums hitting the cymbals multiple of times, while the bass rings out and the synth rings out.


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