Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Soft Shock

The synth line that creates this pulsing effect panned hard left and right gives this big width of the song. The snare sits further behind the mix along with the kick drum. a synth line can be heard in the middle of the mix as well, while the vocals sit perfectly in the middle of the mix. It does not seem too close to the listener and its placed further behind the mix. Theres a reverse reverb guitar sound that is introduced later in the mix that colors the song. It is placed further in the mix as well panned both left and right. Next up is the next verse where it strips back to just the vocals and the original synth line,a kick drum and occasionally a hi-hat hit. A snare roll introduces the next section of the song, the pre-chorus ish part, a synth line is introduced again, with the reverse reverb guitar again. During the 2nd chorus, you can hear toms being played on the left and right of stereo image. During the bridge, a new lead synth line is introduced that is higher than most of the frequencies in the mix, cutting through the top part of the mix. And the bridge ends off with a snare roll again, a semi-build up to an impactful end with just the cymbals crashing in with the kick drum. The interesting use of synths throughout the whole song, gives this pulsing electronic feel to the song, that is dry in sound and didnt have much time-based effects on it. The vocals even though soft and weak, it complements the harshness of the synth sounds that went very well in the mix.


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