Radiohead – Lotus Flower

It starts out with a bass line that rings out for awhile while the drums fades in slowly, while being placed in the center of the mix. A snare like sound comes up slowly from the left and cuts out at 20 seconds. After that another flanger effected sound can be heard from the right, along with a guitar sound that has reverb on it that slowly builds up in its sound. You can hear claps coming up from the left as well and slowly a kick drum increases in speed and all the sounds panned left and right stops. The guitar still continues playing a harmonic liked sound panned to the left. Claps could also be heard around the left of the mix, really subtlety and it is dry as well, making it sound really close and near to the mix. Another layer of kick drum can be heard on top of the original beat that gives this extra percussive sound that appears really near in the mix. Thom Yorkes voice comes in with a reverberated sound, but still retaining its closeness in the mix. The bass still drives the melody of the song, covering most of the low end of the mix. During the pre-chorus, the same washy snare sound is introduced on the right.

During the chorus, the bass cuts out and a moog synth sound can be heard in the middle, covering most of the mids. Along with that is the vocals placed above the synth sound, while the drums still retaining its original beat. Before it hits the next verse again, the vocals has a long decay time that goes on for a very long time and cuts out once the vocals are back on. During the second verse, you can hear the hi-hat panned in the center while snare sounds can be heard from left and right, giving this call and response effect. During the interlude to the next chorus, you hear the drums being pushed back for 5 seconds while the claps are more evidently and the guitars playing a harmonic like guitar pattern. It cuts out again, and the drum track is pushed further back in the mix with the use of reverb till thom yorkes vocals comes back in. You can also hear the delayed hi-hats placed both left and right, giving this messy percussive feel to it. It ends of with Thom Yorkes falsetto voice drowning with reverb while the bass comes back in. Further in, you can hear a huming melody with alot of reverb place further in the mix, just covering most of the mid section. Ultimately, the track made good use of depth and different rhythmic aspects to keep the groove going.


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