James Blake – Retrograde

This song is really minimal in terms of instruments and the song has a intimate/dark feeling to it. The song starts out with just his keys and the hook line of the song. The song then fades in with more reverb on his vocal line that fills up the entire mix and the drums is introduced. The kick drum has not much presence on it, just a low thump that fits in perfectly. The 808 clap sound is very dry and place very near in the mix. The cool thing about his vocals is how that his vocal seems so near in the mix, it still fades out perfectly with the reverb. Up to this point all the tracks are placed in the center of the mix, leaving the left and right empty but just his reverberated vocals to fill the space. The vocal hook line is still playing just behind the lead vocals his singing. They both take turns to absorb the reverb, giving this pulsing effect. A synth bass is introduced, drowned with reverb as well but however the keys and the bass reverb pushes the decay time backwards giving this weird sense of depth, while the vocals fill up the width of the song. Next up is a synth line that is introduced just as James Blake sings ” suddenly im hit” The synth line slowly fades in like a bomb and comes in perfectly and just stays on that one note that slowly increases in intensity by adding more layers to it and it slowly fades out but still retains its strength, with james blake adding more vocal lines and layers it, the mix wanted to shift your concentration from his different melodies and the synth line. The rhythm section still kept as simple as possible and the song ends of the same way as the introduction of the song, followed by a small fade out.


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