Hot Chocolate – No doubt it

The shimmering like synth sound fades out in the intro as it increases in its filter analog synth sound, making a lower like synth sound. While another synth line is introduce that is place just in front of the starting synth line. The hi-hat cuts through the mix clearly place nearer in the mix compared to the synths. The kick drum comes in with the bass as well. A guitar Wah effect can be heard very softly behind the bass in the mix, while the vocals are placed in the center of the mix drawing most of the attention to the vocals. You can still hear the shimmering synth sound far behind the mix, giving a good depth to the song. Another synth line is introduced again also placed in the background, while the vocals increase in level introducing the chorus.

During the chorus, a synth line blends in with the vocal note, which comes in from the left and then to the middle. During that chorus the bass line sticks out again , while the drums are still kept very soft but you can hear a short crash in that appeared very dry in the mix. The synth line plays the same melody as the vocal line giving this strong emphasis on the melody.

During the second verse you can hear a shimmering sound that appears from the left again, and it does a build up to the chrous, with a low bass synth place far behind the mix. The song ends of with a transpose sound with the same groove and same rhythm and the vocals takes a step back with the use of reverb while the melody of the song gets carried out with the synth and the bass line giving the groove. The song then ends of with a fade out.


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